Cydrisse Alvin Held on Murder Charge

Cydrisse Alvin was ordered held on a charge of second-degree murder while armed today after prosecutors submitted additional information about Alvin’s use of PCP.

Alvin is suspected of fatally stabbing her neighbor, Amber Kent. She first appeared in court on the charge Tuesday but when prosecutors did not have information related to whether or not Alvin was a danger to the community, Judge Karen Howze sent them back to the drawing board to rework the case.

The supplemental material submitted to the court Wednesday stated that on May 31 Alvin was admitted to United Medical Center when police believed she was under the influence of PCP. The materials also rely on a witness who said that they knew Alvin to “routinely” use PCP.

A preliminary hearing has been set for June 15.

The amended charging documents are below.

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