Week in Review

Wayne JacksonHarold Proctor and Christopher Williams, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges in the 2011 death of 20-year-old Kevin Blackwell Jr. Prosecutors said it was a killing motivated by revenge.

Chavez Tyrek Myers, 17, was charged with second-degree murder while armed and assault with a dangerous weapon for his involvement in the early Saturday morning brawl in the Woodley Park Metro station that left Olijawon Griffin dead and another teenager with a broken nose. Eight other teens were charged as juveniles for their alleged roles in the armed robbery and melee.

The Georgetown home where elderly socialite Viola Drath was killed a little more than a year ago is being emptied of her possessions as part of an estate sale, the Washingtonian reported.

Brian Gaither pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of 18-year-old Latisha Frazier. Gaither’s trial began Monday; jury selection was due to begin next week. Of six original co-defendants, only one, Johnnie Sweets, is still headed for trial.

The two teenagers suspected of killing taxi driver Quadar Muhammad were ordered held without bond during a preliminary hearing in D.C. Superior Court Tuesday. Joshua Terrell Mebane and Linda Bury, both Maryland residents, have been charged with felony murder while armed in connection with Muhammad’s death.

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