Shawn Lewis Held in Connection with Douglas Farley Fire Death

Shawn Lewis, the man accused of lighting fire to 38-year-old Douglas Farley last week, has been held on a charge of second-degree murder while armed pending a preliminary hearing scheduled July 9 in connection with Farley’s death.

Lewis appeared in court Friday to be presented with the charge

Charging documents in the case say the fire attack stemmed from an argument Farley and Lewis had days prior.

According to police, around 6 p.m. on June 28, Farley was found suffering from severe burns covering almost 50 percent of his body. Farley told police that Lewis threw liquid on him, then lit a newspaper on fire and tossed it on top of him. Farley also told detectives that he had thrown beer in Lewis’ face during an argument that occurred a few days before the fire attack.

A witness told police that the day following the beer assault Lewis said, “I can’t keep turning the other cheek. The Kraken has been released,” arrest documents say.

Farley died of his injuries July 3.

Charging documents say that in a videotaped statement to police Lewis admitted that Farley had thrown beer at him. Lewis also said that Farley had “bullied” him, documents say. But Lewis told detectives that he was not the one who lit Farley on fire; he was at his girlfriend’s house at the time, Lewis said.

Charging documents are below.

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