Comment of the Day: “my mother was sweet kind”

This Comment of the Day comes from Joshae, who wrote about Ramona Gray. Gray was sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder while armed in the death of Shemese Grant.

Ramona gray is my mother Ramona gray is my pop pop I’m so sorry for my mothers behavior yes she was wrong but don’t call anyone what u think they r because u r no better and yes I’m only 12 my mother had foolish friends that made her do any thing if they told her to rob a bank she will do it wanna know why because they brain washed my mother with Satan the evil man my mother was sweet kind will to anything for u i remember that my dropped off a lady that had twins carring them in the rain she pulled over and tuck her home. My mother is a very nice person ms.grant was nice at some times.i believe that ms.grant will be dead unless she was with Steven Antonio McDonald , Santans child.or my loving mother Ramona gray would be suffering in jail for 25 years.

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