Jury Begins Deliberations in the Murder Trial of David and Montez Warren

Jurors began deliberating Tuesday in a murder case charging brothers David Warren and Montez Warren with the May 2011 shooting death of Ervin Lamont Griffin.

For nearly three weeks, prosecutors argued that Montez Warren dragged Griffin from his car to rob him, and when he didn’t have anything they could take, the brothers shot him in the neck. Defense attorneys say that the evidence connecting their clients is full of holes.

On Tuesday morning, David Warren’s defense attorney, Kevin Mosley, echoed arguments from Montez Warren’s attorneys that prosecutors have no credible witnesses.

Not only that, said Mosley, but there are other possible suspects in Griffin’s death.

The Warren brothers face 14 criminal counts in connection with Griffin’s death in an alley behind the 1200 block of 18th Place Northeast.

Griffin was looking to buy drugs on 18th Street the day he was killed and met Charles Harrison, who watched David and Montez Warren drag Griffin out of his SUV, according to prosecutors. Mosley has argued that Harrison may have had a role in Griffin’s death and pointed the finger at the Warrens.

“Because it’s possible that Charles Harrison is involved, that’s a reason to doubt the government’s case,” said Mosley.

In court, Charles Harrison admitted to lying to the grand jury.

“I lied about me seeing what happened, I lied about me not knowing them,” Harrison said.

“They want you to credit Charles Harrison and ignore his perjury,” Mosely said.

“This is not a joke,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Jackson, “Ervin Griffin was out to have fun,” said Jackson, “And those two men sat in that alley and planned his demise.”

The case is scheduled to continue deliberations tomorrow.

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