More Homicide Cases Added to Calendar

Homicide Watch has taken the spreadsheet of 2010 murders and looked up upcoming court dates for all defendants and added those dates to our calendar.

We’ll be including the recently added cases (in which the crimes predate October 2010) in our week ahead column, which runs on Friday evenings. As always, we remind you that court appointments can change, even at a moments notice. We make every effort to check in before court dates to verify that they have not been rescheduled and pass that information on to you. You can check the court date yourself on the D.C. Superior Court website by typing in the defendant’s name.

We’re also considering adding other features to this calendar. Right now it is solely a record of scheduled court appearances. If we were to add other dates to the calendar, what sorts of events would you like to see? Should the date of a homicide be marked? Public vigils, memorials and funerals? Leave a comment with your thoughts or email HomicideWatchDC [at]

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