More from Ramona Gray's Sentencing

The Washington Post this morning has a story about Ramona Gray‘s sentencing yesterday for the stabbing death of Shemese Grant.

“You have stolen my baby girl. My Tinkerbell,” Grant’s mother said, standing only a few feet from Gray, who was shackled and wearing a gray prison jumpsuit and white cross around her neck. “I can’t judge you. I can only pray for you.”

Gray tearfully interjected: “I’m sorry, Ms. Grant. I know sorry is not good enough.”

Later, Keith Alexander spoke with the families.

Outside the courtroom after the hearing, the families of both women hugged each other as Gray’s mother apologized to Grant’s family.

“What’s so frightening is the cycle of urban decay continues,” said Lisa Whiteside, Grant’s aunt. “We now have five young children who are going to grow up without their mothers.”

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