Week Ahead

Each Friday, Homicide Watch brings you a list of upcoming hearings in the cases we follow. All hearings are scheduled for 9:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted. To add an item to the listing, email homicidewatchdc [at] gmail.com. To see scheduled court hearings beyond next week, see our calendar.

On Monday, Patricia Cave is scheduled for a jury trial with Judge Beck in the June 2011 stabbing of her former boyfriend, Lamont Warren. Cave is charged with one count of voluntary manslaughter while armed.

Tuesday, Bradley Allen is scheduled for a status hearing and James Brewer, Anthony Thomas and Stephen Page are scheduled for arraignment with Judge Thomas Motley. Brewer, Thomas and Page are suspected in the June 2011 shooting death of Solomon Reese. Allen is suspected of switching court identification bracelets with Brewer, facilitating his escape from DC Superior Court.

On Wednesday, Brandon Miller is scheduled for a status hearing with Judge Motley. Miller is suspected of premeditated first-degree murder while armed in the Sept. 2010 shooting death of Jamal Coates.

Latonya Hall is scheduled for a status hearing with Judge Motley in connection with the Feb. 2010 shooting death of Michaeldeon Roy Talley. Hall pled guilty in March to one count of felony murder

On Thursday, Christian Navarrette-Rivas is scheduled for sentencing with Judge Beck. He pled guilty in January to one count of voluntary manslaughter after hitting Miguel Drullard with his car in October.

Please remember that court dates can change, even at the last minute. To view the docket of a case please go to the D.C. Courts website and search by the defendant’s name.

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