We Need Your Help

Dear Readers,

On Tuesday I came to you with some bad news: that without a local partner willing to take on Homicide Watch DC would would have to suspend the site. Within hours of that announcement you rallied around us, contacting friends and colleagues asking them to support us, and supporting us yourselves with your generous donations to keep our work going. In 48 hours we raised more than $10,000. It is an incredible achievement.

The Kickstarter campaign for Homicide Watch DC will keep the site alive by transforming it into a student reporting lab. I hope that in the flurry of trying to keep the site alive I have adequately expressed how exciting this new project is. If successfully funded, we have the opportunity to train the next generation of crime reporters.

But we need $40,000 to do it.

So I’m asking again: Please, if you can donate $5, $50, or $500, do so. Keep Homicide Watch DC alive. Train young journalists. Stand with us in saying: Mark every death. Remember every victim. Follow every case.

It is my greatest hope and prayer right now that there is some way for the mission of this project to continue, because while I am leaving, the people who this project really matters to— those affected by violent crime— remain here in DC. And I’m asking you to support this project not for me, but for them.

Laura Amico
Editor, Homicide Watch DC

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