Homicide in 2013: By the Numbers

As part of our special Year in Review series, we parse out data related to this year’s homicides. The numbers in this story are pulled from Homicide Watch D.C.’s database, unless otherwise noted. For more detailed information, use the sorting features on ourvictims and suspects databases or explore our map.

In 2013, 105 people were killed in 92 separate incidents.

The single most deadly incident, a mass shooting at Washington Navy Yard, claimed 12 victims. The suspect in that shooting, Aaron Alexis, took his own life.

Two homicides—Marc Griffith and Thomas Terrell Jamison—were ruled “justifiable by citizen” and won’t be included in MPD’s official count.

Ninety-four victims were male; 11 were female.

The most common ages for victims were 22 and 24 (seven victims each). Almost two-thirds were in their 20s (43 victims) or 30s (35 victims) when they died.

The oldest victim was 73-year-old John Roger Johnson, killed in the Navy Yard shooting. The youngest was an unnamed newborn boy, whose mother is accused of smothering him to death.

Two four-year-olds died this year: Samauri Jenkins and Kamari Zavon Taylor. Seven victims were teenagers, between 16 and 19 years old.

Eighty-eight victims were black. Ten were white. Two were Latino. One each were Asian or Native American. A race was unknown for three victims.

Nearly half (50) of all homicides occurred in Southeast D.C. this year, as many as Northeast (24) and Northwest (26) combined. Five victims died in Southwest.

A quarter of all homicides happened in Ward 8.

Shootings killed 84 people in D.C. this year, more than any other method of homicide. Eleven people died in stabbings; six of blunt force trauma; two died in fires.

Police made arrests in 40 of this year’s cases and closed another 13 for other reasons.

Forty-four people were arrested for homicides that occurred this year.

Two suspects committed suicide: Alexis, suspected in the Navy Yard shooting, and Travis Bostick, suspected of killing Kisha Lashawn McCall.

All but three suspects were men.

Half (23) of suspects were in their 20s. The most common age for suspects was 22.

Thirty-seven suspects were black, one was Asian and another eight are of unknown race.

At 46, Jerome Calvary Lewis is the oldest person arrested for a 2013 homicide. Sixteen-year-old Anthony Williams is the youngest.

This post will be updated through Dec. 31 to reflect any end-of-year homicides and arrests.

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