Mother Charged with Newborn’s Death Found Mentally Incompetent for Trial

A judge found Lillian Alvarado incompetent to stand trial for the death of her newborn son after an initial mental competency hearing Wednesday.

Alvarado, 21, will be held at St. Elizabeths psychiatric hospital.

Police arrested Alvarado on Thursday, Jan. 23, after the District’s medical examiner determined that her baby was born alive last November, and that Alvarado asphyxiated and dismembered him in a bathtub.

Neighbors who lived below Alvarado’s apartment reported water mixed with blood dripping through their ceiling.

Alvarado, who requires a Spanish translator for these hearings, is believed to be undocumented. A recent court document notes she is a widow with one child and is unemployed.

A follow-up mental observation hearing is scheduled for March 21 at 11 a.m.

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