Charging Documents in Case Against Malik Shabazz

Note: An analytics report for the site showed multiple searches this week for information about Shabazz and I realized that I had neglected to post the charging documents in the case. My apologies. -Laura

Malik Shabazz, accused in the fatal assault on Demetrius Dempsey in June 2007, is due in court again May 9 for a felony status conference.

Shabazz, whose former name was Maurice Lee Yancey, is also known as Maurice Lee Mousey. According to charging documents in the case he is accused of stricking Dempsey in the face with a landscaping brick, causing blunt force trauma to Dempsey’s head. Dempsey was cared for at a skilled nursing home after the attack until his death of septic shock in December.

Shabazz is being held at D.C. Jail on suspicion of second-degree murder. The case has not yet been indicted by the Grand Jury.

Charging documents are available here.

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