We can't do no closure right now,” Latisha Frazier's mother tells AP

AP has a story this morning about Latisha Frazier, her mother’s desire to find her body and the court’s decision that there is no obligatory search for it.

Read Homicide Watch’s coverage of the court’s decision, along with the motions in the case, here.

From AP:

Caroline Frazier has spent months dreading that her 18-year-old daughter may be buried 70 feet deep in a mammoth landfill. Making matters worse, she says, is that no one is searching for her there.

One of the five people charged with murder in Latisha Frazier’s presumed death told investigators the teen’s body was left in a Washington garbage bin that gets emptied into a landfill outside Richmond, Va.

Yet District of Columbia police and prosecutors who have spent months on the case have opted against a search, saying excavating the landfill would be dangerous, expensive and have minimal chance of success — especially since authorities aren’t even positive her body is there. A judge agreed last month, denying a public defender’s request to order the search.

The decision left an unsettling conclusion for Frazier’s mother, who’s been unable to bury her daughter.

“We can’t do no closure right now,” Caroline Frazier said at the girl’s father’s home in Laurel, Md., wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with bittersweet images — one of her daughter as a young girl, beaming radiantly while perched on her father’s lap; another of her as an adolescent, posing confidently with hands on hips.

It means a lot to have my baby,” she said.

AP’s full report is here.

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