Charging Documents Describe Chaotic Scene at Friday Night Football Shooting

Witnesses to a Friday evening shooting that killed 36-year-old Ralph Thomas described a chaotic scene to police, with people shouting to protect children and running for cover.

In charging documents, prosecutors allege that Oma Crawford, a 25-year-old Maryland man, shot Thomas that night after an argument about Thomas communicating with Crawford’s wife.

Both men played on a minor league football team and at least one other person from the team was at McKinley High School’s football field with the men when the shooting occurred.

Thomas and Crawford appeared to have settled their argument Friday evening, when the two walked with another man toward the high school parking lot, a witness said. But moments later, calls to “get out of the way, get your children” rang out and people ran for cover. Four shots fired and a man said “OMAR NO, OMAR NO,” then an expletive, charging documents allege.

Charging documents are after the jump.

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