Man Killed in Congress Heights Robbery Attempt Monday Night

A man was killed at a Southeast DC gas station last night, an apparent victim of a robbery.

Reports WUSA:

Police say officers were called to King Food and Grocery at 2917 Martin Luther King Junior Ave around 8:45 Monday night to investigate a report of a robbery. Once officers arrived on scene they found a man suffering from a gun shot wound.

Police say the suspect reportedly entered the store armed with a handgun and took cash from a register. The complainant attempted to run out of the front of the store and was shot in the back.

Community blog “Congress Heights on the Rise“ reported:

Triple sigh. As I and fellow Ward 8 residents were leaving the UPO Petey Greene Center after tonight’s Congress Heights Community Association meeting we come out to a shooting next door at the King Gas Station on the 2900 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE.

Tonight’s topic was, “Is Congress Heights a ghetto?”

While I know that there will be “jokes” and snarky comments about the irony of tonight’s events there is nothing the least bit funny or amusing or even expected about what happened.

Crime happens everwhere whether it be Congress Heights or Georgetown and it is deplorable, discpicable, and should never be tolerated, least of all expected.

This video of the crime scene was also posted to the website.

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