Links Roundup: MPD Press Conference on Yolanda Stone

Fox5 and the Washington Post have stories today about Yolanda Stone, following a press conference yesterday afternoon about the investigation into her killing. Police have said her ex-boyfriend, Reynard Cook, is a suspect.

Reports the Post:

“We’re looking for him,” said D.C. homicide Lt. Robert Alder. “Somebody must have seen him.”

Police have followed up on several tips about Cook, 28, who has a scar on his left hand and a tattoo on his left arm. He has also used the aliases Reyvon Stone, Don Fitzgerald Hancock, and Demarko Brown, police said. He is described as 6-foot-3, 165 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

The Post adds that Stone had tried to protect herself from Cook, taking out at least two court protection orders.

Court officials ordered Cook to undergo alcohol, drug and domestic-violence counseling in connection with the 2011 protection order. Several hearings were scheduled last year, but Cook repeatedly refused to show.

Reports Fox5:

He took his kids’ mother away from them,” said Desirae Ross, Stone’s sister. “And if you look at it, they don’t have either one of their parents in their life. He doesn’t know what his kids are going through and he doesn’t care.”

In fact, since the shooting, the children have been in hiding as their critically-wounded mother was guarded around the clock by D.C. Police.

Ross says it is now time for that to end.

I fear for the kids’ lives every day because I don’t have them outside like that,” said Ross. “They can’t go to Chucky Cheese or to the movies because you don’t know who’s there, what’s going to happen, nothing like that. Their life is on hold because of him.”

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