Reynaud Cook Uncooperative with Evaluators, Full Competency Exam Ordered

A full mental health evaluation has been ordered for Reynaud Cook, accused of shooting and killing Yolanda Stone last year.

Cook, 29, was scheduled to undergo a “forensic screening exam” at D.C. Superior Court twice in the last two days; court documents say that he “refused to participate and cooperate” with the evaluator.

Teresa Grant, the psychologist assigned to evaluate Cook, wrote in a letter sent to the court Friday:

[Cook] informed the evaluator that his attorney, Mr. James Whitehead from the Public Defender Service had instructed him to exercise his rights not to speak to anyone. He denied that Mr. Quillan was his assigned attorney. Mr. Cook stated, “I work with Mr. Whitehead…he breaks it all down for me like baby food so I can understand what is going on.” The defendant stated that he was supposed to be in “traffic court” and released from custody. He reiterated several times that he was “not sure what was going on.” The evaluator attempted to engage the defendant and asked several times if he would be willing to participate in a competency screening evaluation. Mr. Cook continued to reiterate that he was instructed by PDS to maintain his silence.

Cook’s assigned Public Defender, Daniel Quillin, said Friday that Cook has past and recent medical issues and asked Judge Morin to order a full competency evaluation for his client.

Mr. Cook has an extensive history of mental issues, and yesterday he appeared to have a seizure and fainting spell,” Quillin said. “I’ve filed for a medical alert on his behalf.”

Court records indicate that Cook was rushed from the courthouse to the hospital this week before he appeared before a judge. On Friday he was ordered back to DC Jail.

Police say Cook shot Stone several times in front of their children Feb. 15, 2012; Stone died from her injuries three months later.

Cook was arrested in Pennsylvania last week after eluding police for over a year.

Charging documents say Cook was arrested after repeatedly calling police claiming that he saw men with guns and bombs. While in custody, Cook told police he was under the influence of bath salts.

The letter from the evaluator is below.

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