Weekend Read: A Mother’s Grief

The Washington Post reports on the stabbing death of Candance Reed who was killed on November 15 outside of a club in the 5300 block of Georgia Avenue NW after a dispute at her friend’s birthday party.

The story follows the experiences that Reed’s mother, JoAnn Lee, has had in the past week since her daughter’s death.

JoAnn Lee carries a folder with pictures of her daughter. Candance Reed with a red shirt and pigtails posing with her second-grade class in Lorain, Ohio. Candance at her senior prom at Anacostia High School. Candance visiting Las Vegas. Candance posing with her dog Sampson.

And there’s the final picture, taken Friday. Candance Reed, dead at age 40, lying on a gurney in the D.C. morgue, a blue blanket pulled back to expose her face, her eyes closed, bruises visible on her cheek, chin and lips. Hidden from view are the stab wounds to her chest.

The 66-year-old Lee flew in from Ohio to claim the body of her daughter, killed early Friday outside the Macombo Lounge strip club in 16th Street Heights. Lee often took the morbid picture out during an interview with a small group of relatives. “I want to see my baby,” she explained.

“I can’t believe she died this way,” Lee said. “She was a good girl. No one deserves what happened to her. God gives life. God takes it away. Not us.” Of the D.C. police, Lee said: “I just hope they do their job well. I want to see justice.”

Read the full story here.

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