Week in Review

In brief:

Two homicides were reported this week:

  • Jabari Fields died in a double shooting at the intersection of 8th and Jefferson Street Northwest.
  • Ellis Alphonso Anderson died in a shooting in the 1200 block of Brentwood Road Northeast.

Terry Jimenez took the stand to tell jurors what happened the night Lucki Pannell was killed, and how he recognized Deangelo Williams as the shooter. Williams trial is expected to finish this week.

A jury found Demonta Chappell guilty of first-degree premeditated murder while armed in the 2012 shooting death of Stevann Moorer.

That jury also found Chappell guilty of two firearm charges and obstruction of justice. But immediately after the verdict was read, Judge Rhonda Winston said there might not be enough evidence for the obstruction charge, and she ordered lawyers from both sides to submit briefs. The jury’s foreman said he was “shocked” by the decision.

In a partial verdict delivered Thursday, jurors cleared Daquan Tinker of first-degree premeditated murder and felony murder, but found him guilty of robbery while armed. But that jury could not find agreement on Tinker’s lesser charges, including second-degree murder, and Judge Robert E. Morin declared a mistrial.

Prosecutors dismissed a charge of second-degree murder while armed Friday in the case against Yvonne Simms for the the fatal stabbing of her husband, Kenyatta Jordan, on September 13. “The U.S. Attorney’s Office moved to dismiss the case because of insufficient evidence at this time,” USAO spokesperson William Miller said.

A judge sentenced Tisheena Brown for four years in prison. Brown, 33, pleaded guilty to one count of voluntary manslaughter in May for the overdose death of her seven-week-old son Hakeem Brown in September 2013.

A judge found probable cause Friday in the case against Dwayne Williams in connection to the 2011 shooting death of Ronald Deacon Smith.

Francis Lyles, accused of killing her three-year-old son Xavier, broke down in court as she was expected to plead guilty. She called out to Judge Jennifer Anderson: “Your Honor, I didn’t hurt my baby! I want a chance to get a lawyer and a new case! I didn’t hurt my baby and I need a new lawyer!”

Mauda’Rico Proctor, suspected in the Jan. 14, 2013, death of Dominic Anthony Davis, pleaded guilty late Friday.

This post has been updated to include Ellis Alphonso Anderson, who died Saturday night. His death was first reported Sunday afternoon.

Week in Review

In brief:

Dominique Holmes was held on a second-degree murder charge Saturday in connection with Ricky Kelly’s death. Holmes’ co-defendant, Gregory Smithwick, was held for armed carjacking, but not the murder charge for which he was arrested.

Prosecutors dismissed a charge of second-degree murder Wednesday in the case against Robert Osborne for the murder of Vincent Purvis on January 15.

In opening statements, prosecutors said Terry Jimenez recognized Deangelo Williams the night Lucki Pannell was killed, but Jimenez didn’t tell police for more than two years. Williams is on trial for Panell’s murder.

Jurors are now deliberating in the case against Daquan Tinker. Prosecutors say Tinker shot Terrence Robinson during a robbery attempt. But Tinker’s defense attorneys argue that this is a case of mistaken identity, that there are inconsistencies in eyewitness testimony, and that police involved in the case “failed to follow leads” that would exclude Tinker.

Week in Review

In brief:

Three homicides were reported this week in D.C.:

Jurors heard opening arguments in the murder trial against Demonta Chappell in the October 2012 shooting death of Stevann Moorer. Prosecutors said that Chappell and Moorer were walking so close that others may have thought they were walking together that night.

Judge John Ramsey Johnson found probable cause to continue holding Mark Kenyatta Bowser Jr. in connection with the stabbing death of Tracy Womack. Detective Marvin Washington testified that Bowser made a sexual advance toward a witness before entering Womack’s bedroom and stabbing her over 40 times.

Don Demichie Page Jr. pleaded guilty Friday to second-degree murder while armed for the shooting death of Quentin Lavar White. In exchange for his plea, prosecutor agreed to seek a sentence of 12 to 15 years in prison.

Week in Review

In brief:

Two homicides were reported this week in D.C.:

The trial of Daquan Tinker began on Monday with opening statements. Prosecutors argue that Tinker and four other individuals robbed Antoine Boddie and shot and killed Terrence Robinson while attempting to rob him. On Tuesday, Boddie testified testified that Tinker held a gun to his head and robbed him, during which time Boddie witnessed Tinker cross the street and shoot Robin